Welcome to the Spring 2018 issue of The Atrium!

Welcome to The Atrium! We are glad you are here. Our consistency of publication since 2010 could not have happened apart from the encouragement from you, our readers. We thank you!

The Atrium is a peer reviewed, cross disciplinary journal that is published each spring and fall by faculty of the English Department and the Online Technologies Center at the Gary/Crown Point campus of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. The Atrium invites and encourages innovative, creative, and critical articles that spur academic discourse across the disciplines.

We invite you to read the contents of our Spring 2018 issue in the Current Issue tab. Articles may be read either through the web links or in PDF format. The PDF files may be downloaded to an e-reader. Articles from previous issues have been archived and may be found in the Archives tab.

Along with our regular website publication of our spring and fall issues, articles published in The Atrium will now being made available through EBSCO. You may search for articles by author or title. The central purpose of The Atrium is to provide a platform for academic writing that invites discourse across the disciplines. We hope you will find the articles in our current and our archived issues to be ones that encourage you to think more critically and more deeply and even more passionately about your own academic discipline. We also hope that these articles create a desire to explore other areas outside your discipline. By doing so, you become an integral part of the atrium of academic voices.

Please read this issue’s From the Editor for an overview of our content. Our Submissions tab provides details for content for our spring issue. We encourage you to send your best work to our reader/reviewers for publication in upcoming issues.